Customer Information

The Customer labtown is looking to purchase a new storage system and has hired you to create a logical design. Labtown requires no single points of failure when it comes to the fabric connecting the storage. Labtown has already decided that the new storage system will be using fibre to re-use as much of the previous hardware as possible to increase ROI. Labotwn would also like a tiered disk system broken into three categories with the database sitting in the fastest tier, the two web servers sitting in the medium tier, and the file server sitting in the slowest tier.

Create a logical design for Labtowns new Storage System


- Create a tiered storage system for Labtown - No single points of failure - Insure storage performance SLA's are met with the four line of business VM's

- Place VM's on the bottom of the page and connect them with the connector to the storage LUN they will belong to.
- Connect the stroage LUN with the service processor with the connector
- Connect the storage processors to the SAN switch
- Place HBA's just below the host, as long as they are close to the host points will be scored
- Connect HBA's to SAN switches with either the Fixed, MRU, or RR Connector to dictate the PSP Policy for storage on the ESXi host.