You have been provided with a list of requirements for a vSphere Design. For each requirement, categorize the requirement as a
component of the WRT, RTO, RPO, MTD, and Recoverbility
Drag a requirement button (R1-R8) over to the green space provided beside the corrisponding Design Phase.
Determines the maximum acceptable
amount of data loss measured in time.
Determines the maximum tolerable
amount of time needed to bring all
critical systems back online
Determines the maximum tolerable
amount of time that is needed to verify
the system and/or data integrity
Defines the total amount of time that a business
process can be disrupted without causing any
unacceptable consequences
Is how easy to recover infrastructure/services
from a failure
WRT (Work Recovery Time)
RTO (Recovery Time Objective)
RPO (Recovery Point objective)
MTD(Maximum Tolerable Downtime)